Meet RST Team


Patrick Narain Jr.

Founder & Head Coach

Coach Patrick Narain Jr. is the founder of Ready Set Train. He has an extensive background in the martial arts, a passion that began for him at the age of 5, starting with kung fu in his own back yard. In his 20's he studied and trained in Muay Thai, Greco Roman wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.


In 2011, he competed in his first Muay Thai fight in Take on Productions. A month later he began teaching boxing and Muay Thai in the back of his landlord's garage and knew this was something he would enjoy doing in the near future. In 2012, he started his teaching career at UFC gym, where he obtained a wide variety of teaching/coaching skills from many different instructors in different styles. in 2014 he won his first MMA fight at Extreme Cage Fighting (ECF) in New York. 

Coach Pat has experience working with groups of all ages and fitness levels. He began working with kids in 2013 at UFC gym where he took the program over and started his own way of teaching. Coach Pat started a kids MMA program for his students to learn the many different arts of martial arts. He created tournaments to motivate parents to encourage their kids to work hard and be dedicated. He now looks to continue his journey educating, motivating, and inspiring others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle through his own brand.

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Jessie Tomanek


After graduating from University of Hartford Jess was in five modern dance companies and created her own company, JT Lotus Dance in 2009. In 2014 she was trained in Muay Thai and boxing.


After 20 years in Real Estate industry, Jess left her desk job behind for a career in fitness. Certified by The American Fitness Institute, Jess has taught Kickboxing and Circuit Training classes in Manhattan and Astoria New York.